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Jenzabar SONIS

Jenzabar SONIS

Student Information System

Powerful Technology. Amazingly Affordable.

Jenzabar SONIS is a powerful yet cost effective student information system that helps you improve efficiencies for all your on-the-go constituents. Designed specifically for smaller or specialized schools, Jenzabar SONIS empowers you to manage all aspects of your school’s administrative tasks online and provides integrated services for admissions, registration, grading, billing, course management, and other administrative functions.

Jenzabar SONIS connects students, faculty, and administrators through a centralized database. The system allows students to apply online, register for courses, pay bills, conduct degree audits—and more—at any time, from any device.

Jenzabar SONIS positions you to provide the high level of personal attention and service your students demand.


  • Connect anytime through a user-friendly online platform, on any device
  • Make data-based decisions with advanced query tools and pre-configured reports
  • Engage students and applicants with personalized, automated communications
  • Securely manage student data and share academic records
  • Streamline and automate manual tasks
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Our college has increased engagement by simply implementing a few of the automated features in Jenzabar SONIS (…) This has allowed more face-to-face interactions with students and reduced the paper processing of information tremendously.

Shari Scott
Academic Systems Coordinator
Riverside College of Health Careers
Jenzabar SONIS Testimonial: Riverside College of Health Careers

Jenzabar SONIS Powers Your Campus

Flexible Technology Perfectly Designed for...

Jenzabar SONIS: Career and Technical Education
Career and Technical Education

Jenzabar SONIS offers the flexibility and agility to accommodate specialized programs for high school students, adult learners, and the business community.

  • Capture student clock hours, credits and/or CE Credits
  • Enroll students into programs along with all of its subsequent milestones
  • Enter gradebook scores regardless of start date or level
  • Support a wide array of majors, programs, and courses
Jenzabar SONIS: International

Built-in language translation makes Jenzabar SONIS the perfect choice for schools around the globe.

  • Web-based access allows users to connect no matter where they are
  • Multiple language capability unites your multi-cultural community
  • Flexible design accommodates unique course requirements
Jenzabar SONIS: Colleges or Universities
Colleges or Universities

Whether you're just starting out or you're an established institution, Jenzabar SONIS allows your operations to run smoothly without breaking the bank.

  • Whether you have 5 or 5,000 students, Jenzabar SONIS will grow with you
  • Eliminate manual tasks and consolidate efforts
  • Manage student data and share academic records securely
  • Easy integration with other campus systems

See Jenzabar SONIS in Action

Jenzabar SONIS Product Sheet

Jenzabar SONIS

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Success Story: National College of Natural Medicine

Jenzabar SONIS Success Story: Lancaster Theological Seminary

Success Story: Lancaster Theological Seminary

Jenzabar SONIS Success Story: European Nazarene College

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