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Bring Your Student Information System and ERP to the Cloud

Discover how Jenzabar can help you unlock the next wave of higher education software

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Are You Using Data Effectively?

Watch our webinar on enabling data-informed decision-making

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Does Your Advising Strategy Help or Hinder Student Success?

Watch our webinar to learn best practices to ensure your advising programs nurture success.

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Decades of Higher Education Expertise at Your Fingertips

Leverage our implementation, cloud, managed services, and more to drive success in your institution

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Transcending Education

We give you the tools to fulfill your mission.

At Jenzabar, we translate advances in technology into advances in educational opportunities. Our products have helped more than 1,350 campuses worldwide fulfill their missions. From recruitment to retention to alumni engagement, we have enabled our clients to be a difference maker for generations of students.

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SIS Buying Guide - Jenzabar

7 Questions to Consider When Buying a Student Information System

Discover what characteristics and traits differentiate modern student information systems

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Why do More Than 1,350 Campuses Trust Jenzabar ?

Groundbreaking Products

Products such as Jenzabar One and Jenzabar SONIS empower you to break the barriers of traditional education. Unite your campus under one platform. Extend your services to the cloud. Attract and retain the New Student.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Every department on your campus has a mission. And for every mission, Jenzabar has a suite of tools to help you achieve it efficiently and economically.

Expert Services

Tap into our decades of higher ed experience and advanced technology expertise to turn your challenges into successes.

Keeping Up with Trends in the Modern World

There is a shift in the way students consume higher education. Students are looking for a more personalized and connected experience with choices in how, what, when, and where they learn. They want responsive and easy administration. They are mobile and technology savvy...and they expect you to be too.

Customer Perspective_Jenzabar Cloud

The Customer Perspective: Cloud

Cloud computing is no longer the future; it’s the now. Jenzabar One Cloud Services now gives you the agility and responsiveness that used to be reserved for industry.

Customer Perspective_Jenzabar Digital Transformation

The Customer Perspective: Digital Transformation

Students expect the same instant satisfaction and on-demand access from you that they get from their online providers. Jenzabar transforms your campus to meet their expectations.

Jenzabar_The New Student- The Career Shifter

The New Student: The Career Shifter

Many empty-nesters are marking the new chapter in their lives by pursuing new dreams—and new degrees. Jenzabar provides you the tools to make their return to campus a success.

Jenzabar_The New Student- The Digital Native

The New Student: The Digital Native

Modern students demand modern campuses: online classes, mobile services, 24-hour connectivity. Adding Jenzabar to your campus will make your digital native students feel at home.

A Solution for Every Need

Jenzabar student information systems have been chosen more often than any other SIS over the past five years. Exclusively serving higher education, Jenzabar software and services are designed to drive higher performance in every department at your institution.

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Success Stories

When it came time to choose a new ERP provider, Texarkana College knew the right decision could contain their costs, or maybe even cut them a little. They decided on Jenzabar. And saved a million dollars.

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Texarkana College

Texarkana College

Despite losing more than half of their admissions counseling staff over the past few years, Reinhardt University has drastically increased its enrollment. Their secret? Choosing Jenzabar as their ERP provider.

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Reinhardt University

Reinhardt University

With learning centers in 16 countries, all offering programs in different languages and using different methodologies, European Nazarene College never thought one student information system could serve all of them. Until they discovered Jenzabar.

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European Nazarene College

European Nazarene College