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Does your advising strategy help or hinder student success?

Higher education institutions are responsible for delivering student experiences that nurture and encourage success, but sometimes their advising tactics are too personal and can actually have a negative impact on student success. Advisors must balance empowering students with the right amount of guidance; too much support can be coddling, but too little can lead to derailment.

Watch this on-demand to learn student advising strategies that can lead to higher success rates.

This webinar will cover:
  • Best practices for defining student success. Should it be anecdotal or driven by measurable outcomes?
  • The cons of advising practices with too much hovering. Are you a helicopter institution?
  • How to speak with students and use real data to drive decision-making and optimize student advising strategies.

Webinar speaker:

Jeff Elliott

Director of Product Management, Jenzabar

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