Trusted Advisor

Jenzabar is higher education’s trusted advisor, ensuring that our solutions are user-centric and tailored for what you need now, what’s on the horizon, and where higher education is moving in the future.

Jenzabar student information systems have been
chosen 162 times over the past six years –
more than double our closest competitor*

175 clients running their full ERPs in the cloud

40 years of excellence

1,350 campuses worldwide

2,000,000 students using Jenzabar solutions

Over 220 years of higher education experience
on senior management team

160 colleges with Jenzabar for over 25 years

Privately held, debt-free and same CEO since inception

Over 20 years of higher education experience
for typical client-serving Jenzabar associate

*Based on total new institution sales of higher education student information systems during the 2011 – 2016 period.

With the Jenzabar One interoperable solution set, institutions work with their Jenzabar Trusted Advisor to choose the products that best suit their individual needs to create the optimal technology strategy that’s right for them.


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