Promote Student Success Through to Completion  

Many factors contribute to student retention. If you are only looking at GPA, test scores, and academic performance, you’re not seeing the complete picture. Jenzabar Retention and Jenzabar Student Success Survey empower you with the tools and insights you need keep each student on their personal track to success—from matriculation all the way through to completion.

Improve more student outcomes

Jenzabar Retention

Jenzabar Retention aggregates each student’s information from disparate academic and administrative systems across your campus to create comprehensive student profiles. The result is a 360-degree view of each student—from academic performance and extracurricular engagement to financial aid and demographic information—providing you with deep insights into potential risk factors and probabilities of success. 

Jenzabar Retention’s predictive modeling functionality is customized to reflect the unique characteristics of your student population. Leverage predictive modeling to intervene at the right time and in the right way. Prevent at-risk students from leaving your school—whether due to academic, social, or emotional challenges. 

Jenzabar Student Success Survey

Research suggests that positive student outcomes correlate highly with a series of “soft” factors around student behaviors and attitudes. Jenzabar Student Success Survey uncovers these non-cognitive influences that can collectively increase the accuracy of your performance and persistence predictions by as much as 40%. 

Student risk data is captured through an online process of self-reporting and then scored and analyzed across seven key psychometric scales. Professional analysis looks at a wide spectrum of issues that affect the student experience at your school. An actionable summary data dashboard for the entire school includes complete individual student information reports (scales and averages) with comparisons related to the unique identity of your institution. Use it to identify the precise type of support services each student needs to achieve maximum success—even before your students arrive on campus.





Jenzabar Retention is a state-of-the-art student success and retention system. With easy to read dashboards backed by comprehensive student data, use it to implement the winning strategies that keep students in school and on the right track.

Jenzabar Student Success Survey is a student-facing survey and analysis tool. Student risk data is captured through an online process of self-reporting and then scored and analyzed across seven key psychometric scales. Use it to uncover the non-cognitive factors that impact student success at your unique institution. 


  • Predictive modeling.
  • High powered analytics.
  • Up to date data exchange.
  • Workflows to campus-wide interventions.
  • Increases performance and persistence prediction accuracy by 40%. 

“What I really like about Jenzabar Retention is that everything is right at my fingertips. I can easily see who a student’s advisor is; how they’re doing in their classes, their attendance, their cohort year; and who has reached out to that student. I can quickly email the student and follow-up. It saves me a lot of time. Because we have Jenzabar Retention, our effectiveness and efficiency is greatly enhanced.”
          SHARI SZABO
          Associate Dean of Student Success
          Florida Southern College
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