Rely on Higher Education’s Top Choice 

Jenzabar® student information systems (SIS) have been chosen more often than any other SIS over the past 6 years—more than double our closest competitor. Why? Colleges and universities around the world know that when you select Jenzabar, you get a proven product supported by a customer-first philosophy not found anywhere else in higher education technology. 

Stay focused on your students with streamlined operations

Optimize your operations to enhance engagement and satisfaction throughout the entire student experience. Jenzabar Student is designed with a mobile-first approach to meet students where they are and where they are going. A complete set of fully-integrated modules to help manage your student information and services—each sharing a common database and standard user interface. 

Jenzabar Student allows authorized users to share, update, store, and report on real-time information across campus. Streamline workflows. Optimize business processes. Automate operations so you can keep focused on helping your students become their best and brightest.



Student At-a-Glance


Jenzabar Student is a comprehensive, fully-scalable administrative platform designed exclusively for higher education. A proven SIS built on the industry-leading Microsoft® SQL Server® platform, Jenzabar Student connects your entire institution via a centralized database and a complete suite of fully-integrated modules. Jenzabar Student can be rapidly deployed out-of-the-box. Its interoperable workflows easily adapt as your institution’s policies change and technology evolves.


  • Jenzabar Registration
  • Jenzabar Advising
  • Jenzabar Student Life
  • Jenzabar Events

 A D V A N T A G E S

  • Configurable
  • Integrated
  • Mobile-first
  • Cloud-ready
  • Feature-rich
  • Proven
  • Workflow-driven
  • Shared database
  • Powerful reporting tools
  • Applicant through alumni/ae tracking


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