Jenzabar student recruitment systems.

Attract and enroll your best-fit students.

Jenzabar SEM CRM

Drive modern outreach and engagement.

  • Optimize strategic enrollment results.

  • Get efficient with one system for both CRM and Admissions.

  • Streamline and automate Admissions.

  • Connect anytime, anywhere—with computer, smart phone, or tablet.

  • Make your best decisions with real-time reports and dashboards.


Jenzabar Recruitment

Maximize results with modern recruiting tools.

  • Manage recruitment and application with one unified tool.

  • Connect anytime, anywhere—with computer, smart phone, or tablet.

  • Improve marketing campaigns with real-time impact reports.

  • Make campus visits easier with a unique student interface.

  • Automate data import/export for increased efficiency.


Stand out from the crowd.

Competition for the best students is tough. Prospective students are being hit hard by mail, email, Internet campaigns, and social media from your peer institutions. Shifting demographics, advancing technologies, and changing patterns of student behavior all make modern recruiting complex.

Cut through the noise and make meaningful connections with Jenzabar student recruitment systems. Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time engaging with your prospective students and their families in the ways that make your institution shine.

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