Student Success & Retention

Jenzabar® student success software and services.

Help the most students succeed all the way to completion.

Jenzabar Guided Pathways to Success

Empowering students all the way through to completion and beyond.

  • College readiness.
  • Educational planning and student success.
  • Student empowerment.
  • Modern integration with any ERP, LMS, or retention system.
  • Early alerts quickly trigger needed support services.


Student Success Survey

Student persistence is not driven by GPA alone.

  • Uncover non-cognitive factors with greatest impact on student success.
  • Increases persistence prediction accuracy by 30-40%.
  • Data analyzed across seven proven psychometric scales.
  • Brief online survey takes less than 15 minutes for students to complete.


Student Success Consulting

Turn your efforts into results.

  • Program audit, assessment, and implementation.
  • Strategic planning with statistical analysis and benchmarking.
  • Staff training and development.
  • Technology installations and upgrades.
  • Best practices consulting.


Jenzabar Retention

Improve retention and safeguard tuition.

  • Advanced predictive modeling for unprecedented insight specific to your institution.
  • Flexible and configurable; adjusts to your unique needs.
  • Automated workflows track student throughout entire process.
  • Most complete real-time student profiles leveraging CRM.
  • Early alerts quickly trigger needed support services.


Jenzabar Retention Early Alert

Identify at-risk students as early as possible for effective interventions.

  • Centralized concern management process.
  • Automatic notifications.
  • Communication tracking across campus.
  • Alert notifications start in under 30 days.


Everything you need to eliminate problems before they start.

Jenzabar offers a holistic approach to student success, allowing your institution to start small, make an impact, and grow your retention program. Use Jenzabar’s full suite of retention tools and services to get a complete picture of what each student needs for a successful learning experience—during their critical first year and all the way through to completion.

Maximize your retention efforts and see more students succeed to completion with Jenzabar student success software and services.

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