Student Success Survey

Jenzabar® Student Success Survey

Student persistence is not driven by GPA alone

Many factors contribute to retention. If you are only looking at GPA, test scores, and academic performance, you’re not seeing the complete picture. Jenzabar Student Success Survey is an online survey and analysis tool proven to uncover the non-cognitive factors that can collectively increase your performance and persistence prediction accuracy by as much as 30 to 40%1.

Student risk data is captured though an online process of self-reporting and then analyzed across seven key psychometric scales.

Jenzabar Student Success Survey gives you the power to:

  • Proactively identify more at-risk students
  • Uncover the non-cognitive factors that drive student success at your institution
  • Design highly effective interventions
  • Create a student-centric campus culture
  • Give the right attention, to the right student, at the right time
  • Raise retention and persistence rates
  • Get more students to completion and graduation

1 Source: Gore & Wiseman, The Retention-Focused Institution, April 2014

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“Jenzabar Student Success Survey is the roadmap for us to follow in providing the highest quality student success services. If there is a red flag, it enables us to ask the right questions to uncover and address the real underlying concerns.”

Jeff McNamara, Director of Student Success — Carroll University

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