Jenzabar Retention Early Alert

Identify at-risk students as early as possible for effective interventions.

Prevent attrition.

Respond quickly to prevent problems before they start. Identify changes in student behavior through real-time student profiles.

Be effective.

Connect a student to the right resources at the right time for your most effective campus-wide interventions.

Increase efficiency.

Centralize student success data and streamline processes, ensuring no student falls through the cracks.

Start now.

Start receiving early alerts within your first month.

“The immediacy of the early alerts coming to me allows me to quickly connect the student with the best person to help- advisor, faculty member, student success colleague, or someone else on campus”

Shari Szabo,
Associate Dean of Student Success,
Florida Southern College

Guiding every student to success.

Identify at-risk students as soon as possible so you can quickly deploy the resources each student needs to get back on track. Help more students succeed in their educational endeavors with Jenzabar Retention Early Alert. Improve your retention rate and protect your tuition revenue.

Features include:

Concern Management

Centralize student success information to provide automatic alert notifications, real-time interventions, and follow-up task assignment throughout your entire campus

Student Detail

See the full student picture in one view, including: biographical data, course schedules, attendance, grades, relationships, alerts, emails, and interventions.


Use the easy to navigate, intuitive interface to see all actions taken for each student across campus.

Configuration Options

Assign user roles to control access to student information. Customize forms, email templates, communication automation, and notification settings to your specific needs.

SaaS or Licensed

Choose to deploy Jenzabar Retention Early Alert with a traditional software license or as fully-hosted Software as Service (SaaS).

Communication tracking

Easily track all outgoing communications and store emails associated with each student in one central location.

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