Student Information Systems

Jenzabar® Student Information Systems

Chosen more often than any other SIS.

Jenzabar Student

Chosen more often than any other SIS vendor for the past six years.

  • Community with 97% retention rate.

  • Complete, comprehensive, and rapidly deployable.

  • Fully scalable to tens of thousands of students.

  • Designed with mobile-first approach, just like your students.


Jenzabar SONIS

The easy way to connect students, faculty, and administration.

  • Optimize all administrative tasks in one easy to use package.

  • 24/7 browser-based access for students, faculty, and staff.

  • Easily tailored, without customization.

  • Designed to meet unique needs of smaller, specialty schools.


Jenzabar Higher Reach

Higher revenues, higher efficiencies, higher success. It’s all within your reach.

  • Engineered for the unique needs of continuing education.

  • Configurable and scalable.

  • Complete student lifecycle in one package.

  • Supports cross-selling and modern marketing.

  • Integrates with any ERP or can be used as a standalone solution.


Life is easier with Jenzabar.

Shouldn’t your student information system do more than just store your student data? Increase efficiencies across every task—from recruiting through to completion—with a Jenzabar SIS. You’ll easily retrieve data, share real-time information, optimize operations, and make your best-informed decisions. Have a better day with Jenzabar student information systems.

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