Student Information Systems

Jenzabar® Student Information Systems

Chosen more often than any other SIS.

Jenzabar Student

Chosen more often than any other SIS vendor for the past six years.

  • Community with 97% retention rate.

  • Complete, comprehensive, and rapidly deployable.

  • Fully scalable to tens of thousands of students.

  • Designed with mobile-first approach, just like your students.


Jenzabar SONIS

The easy way to connect students, faculty, and administration.

  • Optimize all administrative tasks in one easy to use package.

  • 24/7 browser-based access for students, faculty, and staff.

  • Easily tailored, without customization.

  • Designed to meet unique needs of smaller, specialty schools.


Life is easier with Jenzabar.

Shouldn’t your student information system do more than just store your student data? Increase efficiencies across every task—from recruiting through to completion—with a Jenzabar SIS. You’ll easily retrieve data, share real-time information, optimize operations, and make your best-informed decisions. Have a better day with Jenzabar student information systems.

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