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Jenzabar® Financial Aid

Giving Back to Financial Aid Professionals

Beat the competition.

Be the first to send out your award letters with built-in automation.

Generate the best award packages.

Package compliant and accurate awards for your students with reliable, exact information.

Make your best decisions.

Understand your data using embedded analytics and state of the art reporting. Monthly reconciliation is done in a click.

Get connected.

Easily connect your student information system and the Federal Common Origination and Disbursement (COD) System (Pell and Direct Loan) with seamless data transfer.

Put your students first by eliminating the paperwork.

Increase your productivity and spend more time helping your students succeed with the state-of-the-art automation, packaging, and reporting of Jenzabar Financial Aid. Gain a critical competitive advantage by sending out compliant, accurate award packages faster than your peers. Spend your time helping students (not pushing paper) with Jenzabar Financial Aid.

Features include:

Built-in automation

Keep your competitive advantage and send out your award packages first with built-in automation.

Embedded analytics and reports

Put together the best award packages for your students with reliable, accurate information. Embedded analytics and reports put the data right at your fingertips so you make your best decisions.

Workflow and automation

Ensure you are compliant, accurate, and fast with your awards. Jenzabar Financial Aid’s new workflow and automation will easily guide you through regulations so you’re always sure.

Monthly reconciliation

Standard reporting designed just for monthly reconciliation gets the job done in a click.

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