Jenzabar® Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) systems

Imagine delivering a personalized educational experience for every student.

Jenzabar Recruitment

Maximize results with modern recruiting tools.

  • Find and personally connect with the right students for your school.

  • Engage prospects with personal interactions throughout their journey.

  • Improve efficiency with a single, integrated tool for all your recruitment activities.

  • Connect anytime, anywhere—by computer, smart phone, or tablet.


Jenzabar Retention

Help the most students succeed all the way to completion.

  • Uncover who needs help with advanced predictive modeling.

  • Track students throughout the process with automated workflows.

  • See the most complete real-time student profiles.

  • Quickly trigger needed support services with early alerts.

  • Track communications across campus.


Higher Reach CRM

Industry-leading CRM for continuing education.

  • Industry-leading® platform optimized for CE.

  • Personalized recruitment and enrollment in one unified tool.

  • Mobile, online access.

  • Real-time reports and dashboards.

  • Customizable, automated workflows.


Jenzabar Advancement

Build enduring relationships and improve fundraising.

  • Generate more and larger gifts through engagement.

  • Strengthen appeals and deepen affinity with personalized interactions.

  • Simplify fundraising and increase staff efficiency.

  • Increase engagement with interest and involvement data.


Make happy students.

Every student is unique. Deliver a personalized educational experience with Jenzabar CRMs.

Customize both the message and the channel for increased engagement throughout the entire student lifecycle: from interested prospect, to engaged enrollee, to successful learner, to supportive alumna and life-long learner.

Bring your campus together and leverage real-time information shared between systems from across your institution. Drive positive student outcomes, trim expenses, and grow revenues and fundraising through a highly personalized experience for all your constituents. The student-centric age of higher education has arrived.

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