Jenzabar Higher Reach

Higher revenues, higher efficiencies, higher success. It’s all within your reach.

Grow revenue.

Gain greater financial insight into course-by-course and program-by-program profitability. Make better decisions to drive revenue up and costs down.

Optimize efficiency.

Accelerate everyday tasks and streamline operations through automated workflows. Keep your team connected with scheduling tools and real-time alerts.

Delight students.

From online registration to advanced shopping cart experiences, attract and retain students with the personalized service they want.

Maximize enrollment.

Accelerate registration and eliminate admissions barriers to increase your enrollment.

Achieve your highest success with Jenzabar Higher Reach.

Jenzabar Higher Reach is an administrative solution engineered specifically for continuing education and workforce development programs. No other solution provides deeper insights or delivers higher results for Continuing Education.

Features include:

Efficient scheduling

Manage a wide variety of certificate programs, classes, course catalogs, and specialized programs with automated scheduling of courses and facilities.

Shopping cart

Delight students with fast and easy online registration and transaction processing.

Advanced Analytics

Identify profit, loss, and break-even points for each course or program. Make data-driven decisions and manage to your revenue goals.

Built-in APIs

Seamlessly share data across applications and learning systems, including 3rd party eLearning platforms, financial systems and CRMs.

Cloud hosting

Run Jenzabar Higher Reach in a scalable, on demand, Web 2.0 environment. Leverage the cloud for operational efficiency, cost savings, and business continuity.

Contract Training

Secure more contracts and grow your enrollment by providing corporate partners an online platform to manage registrations. Learn more

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