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Jenzabar Solutions: Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning

Chosen More Than Any Vendor

Make Your Campus Greater Than Its Parts

Over the past six years, Jenzabar’s ERP solutions have been chosen more often than those of any other vendor. That’s because our solutions tie all your departments together so that they can work in perfect concert. Jenzabar will help you build a campus where staff, students, and faculty work seamlessly together.

Jenzabar connects your entire institution through an integrated database. Our mobile-first approach provides students a simple hub for connecting with faculty and for accessing course, registration, and student life resources. You’ll be able to improve the efficiencies of your administrative processes by automating, aligning, and connecting them.

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Jenzabar Solutions: Enterprise Resource Planning
Jenzabar is really easy and simple to use especially for billing purposes. I'm not spending nights and weekends trying to ensure our bills are correct and accurate for students.

Patricia Heard, Director of Accounts Receivable, Lake Forest College

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