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Texarkana College Saves $1 Million with Jenzabar EX

Webinar: Tuesday, May 10 @ 2:00 pm EDT

In this day and age saving $1 million is something every institution only dreams of doing.

View this webinar moderated by Casey Green, Founding Director, The Campus Computing Project, where he interviews Michael Dumdei, Vice President of Information Technology, Texarkana College to learn how Texarkana College saved $1 million with Jenzabar EX.

“We found all components of Jenzabar EX easier to manage and more flexible than our previous system. Personnel requirements in the functional areas were eased due to Jenzabar EX’s highly intuitive user interface. Without question, the overall experience is a significant improvement, and the College realized a substantial savings with an annual reduction in costs approaching $1 million.”

Casey digs deep and uncover what steps Texarkana took to lower their operating costs while maintaining their staff and improving their enterprise resource planning system’s functionality.

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