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Jenzabar Solutions: Enterprise Resource Planning

We need to work together.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Build an institution where staff, students, and faculty work seamlessly together. Jenzabar improves the efficiencies of your administrative processes by automating, aligning, and connecting them.

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Jenzabar Solutions: Student Information Systems

We need to go mobile.

Student Information Systems

Jenzabar offers the best-selling SIS solutions on the market. Our solutions create a mobile-friendly environment for everything from registration to advising to student life.

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Jenzabar Solutions: Financial Aid

We need to win the enrollment race.

Financial Aid

Be the first to get your financial aid award package into the hands of prospective students. Jenzabar lets you create award packages not only more quickly, but more accurately.

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Jenzabar Solutions: Learning Management

We need to deliver courses in the way modern students learn.

Learning Management

Meet the educational needs of everyone on campus. Jenzabar connects students quickly and easily with their instructors, their course materials, and each other.

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Jenzabar Solutions: Constituent Relationship Management

We need to connect with our constituents.

Constituent Relationship Management

Connect with your constituents with the right message through the right channel at the right time. With Jenzabar, you can personalize and customize your communications so that they always hit the perfect note.

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Jenzabar is the premiere system for managing every aspect of the student journey.