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Jenzabar® Financials and Human Resources

Streamline and optimize your operations so staff can focus on delivering remarkable student experiences

Build productivity and transparency into financial planning.

Designed to empower your staff, Jenzabar Financials allows you build efficiency and transparency into your financial planning—and reach your institutional goals. A comprehensive, secure and integrated approach to budgeting that is both integrated and collaborative.

Manage cash flow, vendor transactions, and accounts effectively.

Increase control over your institution’s critical financial information to help you manage your projects, cash flow, vendor transactions, and accounts more effectively than ever before. Manage transactions every step of the way and verify compliance with each transaction.

Track procurement processing efficiently.

Record and manage purchases within any department and throughout your institution. Supports workflows for review and appropriate authorization. Integration allows for secure and accurate tracking process and ensures there is a budget allocation for any given purchase.

Control your institution’s financial activity.

Jenzabar Financials supports the managing of your financial activity easily with fast, simple access to invoice and purchase order numbers, audit trails, forecasting, bank statement reconciliations, and financial statements.

Streamline depreciation of assets.

Maintain asset management, depreciation, and reporting in a fully integrated environment. Administrators can easily and accurately transfer asset information from accounts payable invoices and transfer depreciation entries to general ledger accounts.

Manage critical HR functions and information.

Give your staff the ability to easily access vital statistics and manage your human resources processes with maximum efficiency, from hiring to benefit tracking, from payroll processing to compensation. Ensure compliance with flexible reporting. Jenzabar Personnel and Payroll allows your team to share information across administrative and academic departments, giving your institution access to data that can deliver critical business insights.

“I used other systems in the past but none can compare to Jenzabar. Jenzabar is really easy and simple to use especially for billing purposes. I’m not spending nights and weekends trying to ensure our bills are correct and accurate for students.”

Latricia Heard, Director of Accounts Receivable, Lake Forest College

Jenzabar Financials and HR Resources

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