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Jenzabar Enhances Jenzabar One User Interface to Enable Better Experience for Higher Education Students and Staff

Jenzabar Improves Usability, Accessibility, and Consistency Across ERP and Student Information System to Improve Student Experience and Higher Education Operations

Boston, MA – October 9, 2019 Jenzabar Inc., a leading technology innovator in higher education serving the new student, today announced significant usability enhancements to Jenzabar One, a unified, cloud-ready student information system (SIS) and ERP platform designed to provide a better staff and student experience. Some of the enhancements include improvements to the user interface, platform navigation, housing management functionality, platform accessibility for students with disabilities, and support for transgender accommodations.

Unified User Interface Enables Faster, Better End-User Experience

Jenzabar One’s improved user interface across modules offers a faster, uniform experience for students, faculty, and school administrators. The user interface provides a more consistent look and feel as well as navigational cues across the ecosystem.

“We continue to optimize the user experience for our student information systems and ERP platform, especially with the myriad challenges facing today’s students and staff,” said Jeff Elliott, Director of Product Management at Jenzabar. “Jenzabar One is the platform that campuses consistently rely on in order to modernize their technology ecosystem. With an enhanced user interface and experience, we have made it even easier for staff and students to access the information they need, when they need it.”

Further Functionality Improvements Give Students More Freedom

In addition to user interface enhancements, Jenzabar has made improvements to its student information system by transforming how colleges and universities manage housing. New housing features allow students to select their desired room and building during the online housing process. Jenzabar One’s Student solution also offers a roommate matching tool as well as room selection based on each institution’s lottery rules in order to optimize housing assignments and reduce student anxiety.

Jenzabar One’s student information system now gives students more freedom in how they are addressed across the ecosystem. The solution allows individuals to choose any pronoun, not necessarily their legal name, to be how they are reflected across the Jenzabar One ecosystem.

Jenzabar has also enhanced the Jenzabar Finance solution, enabling more access to online payment plans and direct deposits. Additionally, students and parents can now easily access 1098-T tuition statements online.

About Jenzabar One

Jenzabar One is a unified student information system and ERP platform that enables higher education institutions to become more agile and responsive to the demanding needs and expectations of the new student. This powerful suite of technology products and services provides campuses with mobile-friendly solutions for both student and institutional success. Jenzabar One’s enhanced, student-centric suite incorporates a wide range of offerings, including Jenzabar Analytics, Jenzabar eLearning, Jenzabar Enrollment, Jenzabar Finance, Jenzabar Financial Aid, Jenzabar Fundraising, Jenzabar Human Resources, Jenzabar Retention, and Jenzabar Student.

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