Jenzabar EX

Deliver an exceptional education experience with the most selected SQL Server ERP.

Streamline operations.

Align, automate, and connect all administrate processes with optimized workflows and business rules. Jenzabar EX is complete, comprehensive, and rapidly deployed.

Manage and secure student information.

Connect your entire ecosystem to a common database and easily flow secured data though all stages of the student lifecycle. Empower staff and cut costs by reducing time spent on routine tasks with real-time information sharing.

Delight users.

Modernize your system interface with Jenzabar EX’s mobile-first approach. Give everyone anytime, anywhere, campus-wide access to always get the task done.


Jenzabar EX is fully scalable to manage any size school. It adapts with you as policies change, technology advances, and your institution evolves.

See why more schools choose Jenzabar EX than any other ERP.

Jenzabar EX is the most selected SQL Server enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. In the last 5 years, over 70 institutions joined the community of schools using Jenzabar to improve efficiencies and enhance operations with Jenzabar EX.

The stunning mobile-first user experience of Jenzabar EX delights students, inspires faculty, and optimizes staff. Unite your complete spectrum of academic and administrative processes, and give your institution the power to deliver an exceptional modern educational experience with Jenzabar EX.

Recruitment and Admissions

Engage, recruit, and enroll your best-fit students with the modern tools you need to achieve your enrollment goals.


See your students through to completion with real-time monitoring and intervention support throughout their educational journey.

Business Suite

Optimize your business processes to reduce operational costs while streamlining workflows from accounting to payroll and personnel.

Data Security

Keep student data secure and better manage all aspects of system security anytime, anywhere.

Web-based Analytics and Reporting

Make data-driven, insightful decisions with accurate, real-time data and dashboards.


Surpass your fundraising goals with data-driven targeted campaigns for higher success rates.


Support your students, staff, and faculty to learn, educate, and conduct business wherever they are, on any device. Jenzabar EX is built around a mobile-first design. All the functions you need are right at your fingertips.


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