Jenzabar® enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions

Chosen more often than any other vendor for the past five years.

Jenzabar EX

The most selected SQL Server ERP in the market today.

  • Complete, comprehensive, and rapidly deployable.

  • Fully scalable to tens of thousands of students.

  • Designed with mobile-first approach, just like your students.

  • Strong, active SQL community with 97% retention rate.


Jenzabar JX

New technology x modular architecture = your competitive edge.

  • No program requirement is too complex.

  • Deploy single modules or as a total integrated solution.

  • Modern service-oriented architecture.

  • Designed to support competency-based education.


Jenzabar higher education ERPs drive operational performance.

Do you need an easier day? Drive enrollment and student success, reduce operating costs, and increase constituent contributions and engagement with Jenzabar ERPs. Improve efficiencies across every department on campus.

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