Guided Pathways to Success

Jenzabar® Guided Pathways to Success

Empowering students all the way through to completion and beyond

College Readiness

Help students choose a career and degree program that aligns with their interests and aptitude. Ensure that students are academically prepared for their higher education through curated content and self-help tools.

Planning and Success

Actively involve students in decision making and empower them for success every step of the way along their educational journey. Engage students and provide timely interventions throughout your entire program so that they successfully graduate on time.

Student Empowerment

Empower students to take control and navigate through their educational journey with an intuitive, student-centric, data-driven software suite.

Career Preparedness

Provide the tools your students need to acquire the key competencies and skills to pursue their chosen careers. Use a competency-driven career focused approach to help them find the right internship and job opportunities to succeed.

Modern Integration

Guided Pathways to Success works with any ERP, learning management, and/or retention system.

Offer unparalleled self-service to your students, faculty, and advisors.

See your students through to becoming successful employees

On-time completion and student outcomes are major challenges facing higher education today. With a shift towards performance-based funding for public institutions, and growing competition across all higher education, now is the time for colleges and universities to retool their planning, advising, and career services.

Guided Pathways to Success promotes achievement across the full student lifecycle:

• Engage students and put them in control of their success
• Increase career preparedness
• Improve retention
• Promote on-time graduation or completion
• Serve more students without increasing staff or infrastructure
• See students through to successful careers

Features include:

Academic Preparedness

Provide resources, suggestions, and tools to prepare students academically for college-level math, writing, reading, and study skills.

Educational Strategy

Empower student decision making on the right career and degree program. Apply personalized interest and aptitude assessment data to your institution’s offerings and the latest job market analytics.

Grad Planner

Help students translate their major decision into a viable academic plan. Assist in optimum course selection and planning, while supporting students in evaluating the opportunity cost and impact of any major changes.


Set academic and non-academic milestones to keep students progressing towards their goals. Help students remain career focused by tracking their progress against the competencies needed to succeed in their chosen career.

Student Performance

Measure a student’s academic performance against desired learning outcomes and key competencies for their chosen career.

Academic Success

Guide students towards supplementary learning content and quizzes to strengthen their weak areas. Facilitate tutoring session scheduling for personalized assistance.


Manage student-advisor meetings throughout the full academic cycle. Track all advisory interactions for consistent and impactful follow-up sessions.

Predictive Analytics

Use advanced statistical algorithms to generate insights and recommendations that help students make the right academic and career decisions. Generate reports and alerts for advisors and faculty for timely interventions.

Careers and Internships

Provide students with resources and advice to prepare for careers. Suggest events, internships, and job opportunities aligned with their competencies. Connect students with alumni mentors. Enable employers to find students with desired competencies.

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