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Delight Students and Faculty

Today’s higher education landscape is more diverse than ever before. Modern students come with high expectations for personalized attention, online access, and the social connection that drives our world. Empower your instructors to create dynamic learning environments that captivate and delight all your students with Jenzabar eLearning. Help faculty adopt innovative methods of delivering and enhancing a personalized educational experience, so you can excite and engage today’s learners and attract a broader range of students. 

When students use Jenzabar eLearning, they form strong connections with your faculty and each other. They become engaged in the learning process in ways not possible with traditional in-classroom methods, including accessing their education 24/7, from wherever they are. Jenzabar eLearning is powerful yet easy to learn, with seamless integration so you are up and running in no time.

Deliver strong pedagogy for modern mobile students

Selective Release of Coursework and Content

Set the opening date/time for content and materials for the entire course, while building it out. Schedule page posting, units, handouts, and bookmarks by date or by student progress. Supports “work at your own pace,” remedial, and fast-track coursework. Pre-test direct to final exam paths.

Discussion Forums and Blogs

Includes support for graded discussion forums. Graded forum assignments allow participation to be a course assignment. Target communications to specific students via the blog page and a class calendar that contains all course meetings and optionally displays due dates of assignments.

Course and Testing Options

Add, remove, and set up your own course structure on a course-by-course basis. Easily build quizzes and self-assessments and leverage various online testing options or print your exams for in-person testing. A faculty file cabinet stores test questions, assignments, and other materials to be used repeatedly.

Class Pace and Organization

The Course Organizer home page groups assignments, events, news, discussion, and resources by unit, plus provides a course overview to students. Use Course Copy feature to efficiently move all or selected content, including setting dates, from one course to another. Term Rollover feature sets all dates in your course copy. The LMS Manager allows you to map templates to courses including default grade scales and rubrics.


Learning Management



Jenzabar eLearning is a powerful yet easy to use learning management system that won’t break your budget. Jenzabar eLearning delivers all the tools your faculty needs, over the interface your students want, giving you the flexibility to deliver courses in the way modern students learn. Integration with your other key technologies and two milestone certifications from the IMS Global Learning Consortium, makes Jenzabar eLearning at the forefront of interoperability. 


  • Low cost of ownership.
  • WCAG 2.0 AA targeted development for accessibility.
  • Seamless integration.
  • Free tier of Jenzabar Online Meetings for real-time collaboration.
  • Robust controls for course population and management
  • IMS Learning Tools Interoperability v1.1 and IMS Common Cartridge v1.1 certified.

Jenzabar eLearning has enabled us to broaden our offerings. Our students stay in contact with their instructors 24/7.  Jenzabar eLearning has benefited all our constituents, from the student, to the staff, to the instructors.”

         Marie Gardner 
         Associate Dean for Online Campus
         Neosho County Community                         College                                                            
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