Collaboration is at the heart of our culture.

Members of the Jenzabar community actively communicate, sharing innovations and extensions of their Jenzabar systems in an open-source-like environment that embodies the spirit of knowledge and learning as a resource for all.

We offer multiple opportunities for productive dialogue, best practice sharing, and feedback, including:

Benefits of becoming a user group/advisory board member:

  • Provide input about products
  • Make recommendations for improvements
  • Connect with users from the Jenzabar community

We have a history of developing products in close partnership with clients, ensuring that our solutions are user-centric and tailored to meet the needs of institutions today. We work closely with our clients to improve and update our products based on user feedback and input.

We invite you to participate in this collaboration. What’s working well, and where improvements can be made? Is there some functionality that you’d like to see in future product enhancements? Become a member of our user groups and advisory boards to tell us what’s on your mind—and help us keep our products working for you.

Contact us to get involved in the conversation.