Jenzabar® Cloud Services

Run your applications in a scalable, on-demand, and affordable way.

Easily scale up or down.

Adjust computing environment as needed and as your institution grows. Jenzabar Cloud Services monitors your virtual infrastructure demand, giving you an objective real-time assessment of resource utilization. Scale up in peak times (such as online registration periods) and scale back when demand is low—and save money.

Keep up with the times.

Always have the latest technology. No need to buy new server hardware, ever again. Jenzabar Cloud Services include state-of-the-art servers, storage, security solutions, and maintenance procedures.

Enhance security.

Rest assured; your systems are safe with best-in-class physical and data security. Jenzabar Cloud Data Centers maintain full SSAE & SOC compliance.

Maintain business as usual.

Ensure high availability access with industry-standard Tier 3 or higher uptime. 24x7x365 professional monitoring keeps you operational day and night. Commercial, professional data centers keep you running even if the unthinkable strikes your campus.

Delight users.

Keep employees and students productive regardless of weather, emergency, or location. Jenzabar virtual servers can be accessed securely from a main campus, multiple campuses, or any remote location.

Extend your IT staff.

Enjoy database and server backups by cloud services professionals. Your IT staff can focus on your users, not your servers.

Market Leading Cloud Presence

The silver lining to cloud hosting.

Whether you’re looking to leverage the cloud for operational efficiency, maximize IT budgets, or optimize systems performance, Jenzabar Cloud Services will help you succeed. Satisfy your most rigorous business continuity and disaster recovery requirements with top-tier commercial data centers and world-class solutions that meet, at a minimum, N 1 redundancy standards.

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