Jenzabar Foundation

We’re on a mission to help future educational leaders.

Jenzabar’s commitment to higher education extends beyond a vendor relationship to both community support and philanthropy. Our leadership team created the Jenzabar Foundation to recognize and support the good works and humanitarian efforts of student leaders serving others across the global community.

Student Leadership Awards

The Jenzabar Foundation’s Student Leadership Awards recognize student groups and their respective leaders for demonstrating a commitment to making a difference through community service and/or humanitarian endeavors either in the United States or across the globe. The Foundation awards grants to each of the honored groups or activities, recognizing achievements in areas such as:

  • Local community support for individuals or groups that are underserved by existing community resources
  • International relief efforts
  • Campus ministry programs that reach beyond campus boundaries
  • Educational outreach to groups or individuals not enrolled in the institution
  • Environmental protection, natural resource management, alternative energy promotion, and climate/habitat awareness
  • Healthcare provision or awareness
  • Issue advocacy targeted at local, state, or federal governments

Institutional grants

The Jenzabar Foundation issues grants to institutions of higher education and other nonprofit organizations with similarly aligned missions and helps promote the activities of grant recipients in their communities and on a global level. The Foundation is a public charity that fosters a culture of service and educates and inspires future generations to create a better world.