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Analytics Demystified:
The Business of Higher Education

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Analyzing analytics: The ever-changing role of analytics in higher education.

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Analyze trends. Make projections. Discover opportunities.


Jenzabar Analytics is a portfolio of descriptive, diagnostic, and predictive analytics tools that give you the strategic insight you need to increase agility, improve performance, and identify new avenues for success. Jenzabar Analytics reveals what happened, why it happened, and how to make the right things happen.

Jenzabar Analytics transforms your data into a strategic resource. Intuitive data models equip you to quickly spot relevant trends, make accurate projections, and discover hidden opportunities. Harness the power of your data to ensure institutional success. Confidently and easily make strategic decisions.

    • Empowers data-informed decisions about complex issues
    • Enhances the probability of academic program success
    • Simplifies data collection and processing
    • Unites leadership on important strategic goals

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