For Two-Year Institutions:

Jenzabar understands that providing qualified employees to meet the demands of the workplace is a central role for two-year intuitions. It’s a difficult time as most two-year intuitions are grappling with unprecedented enrollment and dimished state support.

Jenzabar's higher education solutions can help you respond to these challenges with a greater focus on student success and institutional accountability for results. Not only is this good for students--it's also critical for the financial stability of your two-year institution.

Choose Jenzabar as your technology partner to:

  • Adapt to the evolving needs of non-traditional students 
  • Enhance online learning and continuing education offerings
  • Engage with community institutions and businesses to grow and maintain a vibrant workforce
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory and accreditation requirements

Jenzabar products and services for you:

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