For Four-Year Public Schools:

Jenzabar understands that many public colleges and universities are feeling the pressure to increase graduation rates and shorten the time it takes to complete a degree program. In today's economic climate, state-supported colleges and universities frequently become targets for cost cutting. Your institution is undoubtedly trying to do more with less--and the right technology partner can help.

Jenzabar's higher education solutions offer a high return on your technology investment. Furthermore, our solutions are designed to help foster student success and support strong and enduring relationships between your instiution and your constituents. Not only is this good for your student population--it's also vital to the financial viability of your institution.

Choose Jenzabar as your technology partner to:

  • Leverage technology to address the needs of today’s diverse student population
  • Enhance online learning and continuing education offerings
  • Manage data across disparate departments, programs, sites, and locations
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory and accreditation requirements
  • Bridge communication gaps across departments, campuses, and stakeholders
  • Encourage student engagement throughout the education lifecycle

Jenzabar products and services for you: