For Four-Year Private Institutions:

Jenzabar understands that because private colleges and universities do not receive funds from state legislatures, you rely heavily on tuition and private contributions. This means tuition rates are generally higher, and in this economy, many parents and students are questioning whether the additional cost is worth it.

Jenzabar's higher education solutions are focused on building strong relationships between institutions and your constituents. Not only is this good for students--it's also critical for the financial stability of your private institution.

Choose Jenzabar as your technology partner to:

  • Attract and enroll best-fit students
  • Promote student success
  • Maintain and enhance the quality of your constituents' interactions with your school
  • Manage data across disparate departments, programs, sites and locations
  • Promote innovation in both academic and administrative departments

Jenzabar products and services for you: