For Consortia:

Jenzabar understands that as an intellectual resource, consortia are unsurpassed. Consortia provide a forum for members to share ideas, concerns, and resources--simultaneously enhancing the academic experience for students and faculty as well as operational efficiencies through shared resources. 

Jenzabar's higher education solutions will help you focus on student success and institutional accountability for results. Not only is this good for students, but it's also critical for the financial stability of your consortium.

Choose Jenzabar as your technology partner to:

  • Grow and maintain enrollment
  • Streamline administrative processes across multiple campuses and locations
  • Drive recruitment and enrollment initiatives to select the right students
  • Support student success with proactive retention management
  • Foster an engaging and interactive learning environment
  • Grow continuing education programs
  • Provide students and other constituents online and mobile self-service access 

Jenzabar products and services for you: