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Maximize results with modern Jenzabar® recruiting tools.

Create an outstanding program.

Stop the impersonal, ineffective communications, and start truly engaging your best-fit students in the ways that work.

Recruit better with the world’s #1 CRM.

Make every interaction count with, optimized for higher education with Jenzabar Recruitment.

Go mobile.

Connect counselors and students anytime, anywhere—with computer, smart phone, or tablet.


Find and personally connect with the right students for your school with one of the most powerful communication tools in higher education.

Recruit smarter.

Improve efficiency with a single, integrated tool for all your recruitment activities. Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time engaging with your prospective students and their families.

Learn how Grove City College is changing the face of student communications.


The power of personal.

Get more time to engage potential students and achieve your enrollment goals with improved efficiencies throughout the recruitment process. Start managing lists, monitoring progress, and creating and sending personal communications in no time with Jenzabar Recruitment.

Give Admissions Counselors and prospective students what they need, when they need it to make the right connections with Jenzabar Recruitment’s tight integration and workflows that move data seamlessly around your campus.

Features include:

Jenzabar Recruitment is built on, the world’s leading CRM platform, optimized for higher education. Easily extend your system with a thousand add-on applications you can install in minutes—everything from live videoconferencing to computer-telephony integration to tracking social media activity.


Access your system anytime, anywhere – with computer, smart phone, or tablet.

Application tracking

Students see a checklist of your admissions requirements, apply, and track their progress at any time, right from their computer or mobile device.

Report builder

Create and customize reports based on virtually any field in the system in just minutes.

Real-time funnel report

Drive activities and focus efforts where they have the greatest impact with real-time information. Create a custom scoring model to rank your prospective students.

Automated workflows

Assign tasks to each Admissions Counselor and automatically send out follow-up communications based on interactions with your prospective students (without manual work).


Use Jenzabar Recruitment as a standalone solution or integrated with your Jenzabar enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

Conga merge application

Easily merge information from your database into letters, labels, envelopes, and other communications.

Informatica option

Easily import SAT/ACT/GRE, Common App, and more with automated two-way data loads.

Customized experience

Work the way you like with easily customized fields, workflows, reports, dashboard, and forms.


Prospects, students, parents, and alumni can search and register for interviews, campus tours, open houses, or any event with a smart, easy interface.

Cascading email

Create cascading email tracks determined by your prospect’s individual information and responses to earlier communications with one of the most powerful email communication tools in higher education.

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