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There is no doubt, cloud computing is hot. It seems you can’t open your email or click on a technology article these days without reading yet one more thing about cloud computing. Join us for this free webinar about the key elements of cloud computing in higher education and how you can leverage the many benefits of cloud computing and SaaS models. You’ll learn some of the most important considerations when making cloud technology decisions, and take away guidelines and best practices for developing and implementing an institution-wide cloud strategy.
Panelist(s) info
Jacqui Spicer
Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
Baker College
Stephen Ervin
IT Director
Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Moderated by
Gus Ortiz
Product Manager Cloud and Managed Services
Jenzabar Inc.
Is your institution well-positioned to drive Student Success?
Higher education is undergoing a fundamental change and scrutiny and expectations are higher than ever. Retention, persistence, and completion rates are not just metrics to evaluate an institution; they also represent significant revenue.
An effective student success strategy sets the foundation of any successful retention program, and requires a mix of technology and retention expertise.
Determining your school’s ability to deliver student success requires an in-depth assessment of organizational structure, personnel, programs, and processes, and available data. You are invited to a webinar that will discuss the Student Success Audit and the need to align resources with strategy to ensure that desired outcomes can be achieved.
Higher education is facing unprecedented pressure to revamp its old business models, creating demand for new value-based practices, processes, and technologies to best enroll modern students and bring them all the way through to completion. Leadership during this time of upheaval requires a strong vision and clear prioritization of goals. Forward-thinking college and university leaders are finding ways to not only survive the change but also thrive in the new higher education landscape.
This thought-provoking presentation will give you the tools you need to help your institution thrive during this ever-changing and challenging new higher education landscape. Through relevant case study, you’ll discover how to keep your institution’s mission and goals intact while simultaneously inspiring a competitive edge.

The intense focus on student success has generated unprecedented pressure for improved retention and completion at institutions across the country and around the globe. At the foundation of an effective student success strategy is harnessing the right technology resources to drive results and positive outcomes.

View this Jenzabar sponsored webinar hosted by University Business to hear from higher ed administrators who are positively impacting their institutions by implementing student success programs and maximizing outcomes. They discuss the technology they are utilizing to boost retention and completion, while keeping in mind the unique needs of their student populations.

Topics include:

  • Efficient communication and alert methods
  • Harnessing data analytics and predictive modeling
  • Best practices around optimizing every step of success strategies
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What does it mean to be a success-oriented institution?
From retention through persistence to completion, many institutions are re-examining how they engage with their students to ensure a successful outcome. Many strategies that seek to improve success rates leverage both data and personnel to first identify and then engage with students who are at risk of leaving the institution. Over time this combination of data and personnel can also be employed to attract and recruit students who are more likely to be retained by the institution.
View this webinar where we examine how institutions can leverage their data and organize their personnel to orient themselves as a Retention-Focused Institution.
A University Business Web Seminar sponsored by Jenzabar
Institutions are under increasing pressure to provide more services, despite reduced operating budgets and elusive funding, and amid calls to hold down tuition. To meet these challenges, leading institutions are combining innovative approaches to technology and strategy, by moving to the cloud, adopting managed services, and focusing on strategic planning.
View this web seminar to hear from IT leaders at two innovative institutions who are positively impacting operational efficiency and effectiveness across campus departments, through moving the ERP to the cloud, improving intra- and interdepartmental efficiencies, and bringing technology leadership to strategic planning.
Panelist(s) Info:
Jacqui Spicer 
Baker College (Mich.)
Don Davis 
Vice President, CIO 
Information and Media Technology 
Azusa Pacific Online University (Calif.)
John Beahm 
Executive Director 
Jenzabar Foundation

Are you losing potential revenue? How do you define success and can you measure it? During this time of paradigm shifts in the world of continuing education and workforce development, it’s imperative to take charge of your mission and goals. Being agile and innovative are keys to success and survival. View this webinar to hear how your peers are changing the game, proving the worth of their programs, and are growing with new, innovative strategies.


There is no doubt, cloud computing is hot. It seems you can’t open your email or click on a technology article these days without reading yet one more thing about cloud computing.

View this webinar about the key elements of cloud computing in higher education and how you can leverage the many benefits of cloud computing and SaaS models. You’ll learn some of the most important considerations when making cloud technology decisions, and take away guidelines and best practices for developing and implementing an institution-wide cloud strategy.


Northampton Community College has developed and implemented a number of unique approaches to expand their continuing education and workforce development programs. Join us as we discuss these interesting methods, and those of other Jenzabar clients, to help you increase enrollment, build and maintain corporate partnerships, and contract training opportunities. Tools, methods, and resources will also be addressed to analyze which programs to offer that best support your local community and drive enrollment for those offerings without increasing your staff workload. 


Join us for a stimulating discussion of best practices with Katharine Foster, Director of Business & Finance at Emory Continuing Education at Emory University. Learn how Emory successfully streamlined front- and back-end operations and leveraged data intelligence to improve performance. Gain insights you can apply in your own program to drive profitability and improve results.


What is student success? Do student retention rates or completion rates measure success? For institutions to effectively measure student success they must develop institutional definitions of success that are both mission and outcomes oriented. And, these goals should be measurable. View this webinar presented by Meghan Turjanica where she recaps a recent white paper outlining the current difficulties with defining and measuring student success. Participants will walk-away with recommendations and how-to’s for institutions to create their own definition and goals.


A Web Seminar Presented by University Business and Jenzabar

Continuing Education provides an opportunity for institutions to serve a broader range of students; but meeting these students’ needs and expectations can be a challenge. View this webinar to learn how the Continuing Education Division at Emory University is using new strategies and innovative technologies to enhance the learning experience, increase enrollments, and drive profitability. Emory Continuing Education (ECE) serves the University's non-credit division, with more than 10,000 student enrollments each year. During this webinar a leader from ECE shares tips for successful recruitment practices specifically designed for CE programs, how to leverage software to determine which courses are most profitable, and how the rise of MOOCs will potentially impact continuing education.

Retention and Student Success

Wondering about which metrics to use to measure retention progress? How are your peers managing their retention programs? And, what have they learned? During this webinar Burt Rubenstein, VP of Student Success Solutions, shares results and analysis from a recent survey among retention practioners.


A successful student retention program can increase student persistence while also minimizing an institution’s lost revenue from student attrition.

There are five important considerations in planning your retention strategy: 1) setting retention goals, 2) developing key metrics for measuring the effectiveness of the retention program, 3) identifying risk factors, 4) preparing an intervention strategy, and 5) generating institutional buy-in.

During this webinar Meghan Turjanica, Jenzabar’s Retention Specialist, provides an insider’s perspective on student retention. Prior to joining Jenzabar, Meghan helped develop a successful retention program at Grove City College. Benefit from her insights and experience – and gain useful tips you can apply today on your campus.


View this webinar sponsored by Jenzabar and hosted by Inside Higher Ed editor Scott Jaschik and Robert Sternberg, provost at Oklahoma State -- formerly dean at Tufts University and on the faculty at Yale -- for a review of the results of Inside Higher Ed's 2013 Survey of College and University Chief Academic Officers.

Business Officer Topics

As the cry goes out for more affordable higher education, technology leaders are increasingly asked to provide more services while maintaining costs. Benefit from the latest research as well as time-tested best practices to get the most from your technology spending.


Introducing Jenzabar eLearning, a powerful learning management system that surpasses students’ and faculty’s expectations at a low total cost of ownership. But don’t just take our word for it. Hear all about it directly from your peers. Join us for a free webinar to hear about client successes. 

Retention and Student Success

Learn innovative strategies in strategic enrollment management to develop sustainable student enrollment programs while increasing student success and retention. Encourage collaboration and accountability among departments across the entire campus to achieve your recruitment and retention goals.


Jenzabar Analytics provides configurable dashboards, alerts, reports, and analytics so you can gain the insight you need to succeed across your institution. Revolutionize the way you manage operations and develop institutional strategy with actionable intelligence at your fingertips.

Managed Services

The pressure is on. Modern IT management and service models need to accommodate (and embrace!) emerging and continually evolving technologies. Hear how IT leaders at your peer institutions have incorporated managed and hosted services into their strategic information technology plan to free up IT time and deliver prompt support.