See highlights from Jenzabar's annual meeting in Washington D.C.

Jenzabar Higher Reach, the administrative platform creative specifically for Higher Education, streamlines operations to increase productivity, profitability, and student outcomes.

Jenzabar Retention lets you help as many students as possible to succeed in their educational endeavors, while improving your retention rate and protecting your tuition revenue.

Learn more about Jenzabar's Learning Management System (LMS), Jenzabar eLearning in this brief video overview.

Jenzabar CEO and Chairman, Bob Maginn, describes the company's commitment to supporting the mission of higher education.

We work closely with our clients to advance the mission of higher education.

This video provides a brief overview of Jenzabar and the software, strategies, and services we offer to maximize the success of higher education institutions.

Get an inside view of our Annual Meeting, where the community of the Best & Brightest learn from each other, share best practices and connect with the Jenzabar staff and other Jenzabar clients.

Valerie Martin, Director of Distance Learning at North Arkansas College, discusses her institution's experience with Jenzabar eLearning.

Steve Kessinger, Director of Information Services and Technology at Bluefield College, shares his perspectives on Jenzabar eLearning.

David Shabazz, Director of Adminssions and Recruitment at Mohave Community College, shares his perspective on Jenzabar's solutions.

Ken Evilsizor, Director of Information Systems at Point Loma Nazarene University, provides his perspective on Jenzabar Recruitment.

Several Chief Information Officers and Vice Presidents for Technology Services discuss their experiences working with Jenzabar.

A range of Jenzabar users -- including a VP of Finance, a VP of Academic Affairs, and a Registrar -- offer their perspectives on Jenzabar's performance as a technology partner.

Mike Schroder, Dean of Extended Learning at California State, San Marcos, discusses his experience with Jenzabar Higher Reach, an administrative platform for continuing education and workforce development programs.

Several Jenzabar clients share their perspectives on being a part of our user community, the impact Jenzabar has had on their campus, and their impressions of our software, strategies, and services.

Watch a recap of JAM 2012, where our user community and Jenzabar staff came together to learn, share and connect.