eLearning Software Solutions

Satisfy student demand for collaborative learning.

Today’s students represent greater diversity than ever before in their range of needs, goals, and geographical location—and you need to deliver a vibrant educational experience for all of them.

With Jenzabar eLearning software, your instructors can offer more dynamic, engaging learning environments—and develop creative learning spaces that engross students. 

It’s integrated. It’s also the only LMS solution that integrates completely with your administrative system, giving you seamless data exchange—and up-to-the-minute information.

It’s on the go. Students have access to important information in their courses through any mobile device.

It’s cutting-edge. The robust functionality satisfies the teaching and learning demands of your faculty and students, while the deployment simplicity makes it easy on your IT staff.

It’s flexible. Easily incorporate digital learning objects from a variety of sources into your course materials.

It's the eLearning platform that features:

  • Online coursework tools, with an integrated, automated grade book
  • Targeted communications to send events and tasks to student calendars and home pages
  • Role-based previewing parameters for sharing course setup and content
  • Automatically populated accounts, including schedules, enrolled students, and more

Choose Jenzabar eLearning solutions to:

  • Organize and manage class instruction
  • Inspire student learning
  • Engage student involvement
  • Improve teacher-student communication
  • Satisfy student demand for state-of-the-art classroom experiences

Integration options:

  • Faculty Question Bank: Includes test questions for future evaluations
  • CoursEval™ by ConnectEDU, Inc.: A leading Web-based course evaluation software that provides the means to easily create, deploy, and analyze longitudinal surveys geared to evaluate courses and faculty instruction, as well as other services provided by academic units
  • Concourse™ by Intellidemia, Inc.: Industry-leading online syllabus management on a user-friendly platform that improves student performance, faculty productivity, and administrative efficiency by getting syllabi online fast
  • Learning Objects, Inc.: Simplifies student-teacher collaboration with e-Portfolio and CampusPack social learning software

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