Improve retention—and safeguard tuition.

Jenzabar Retention lets you help as many students as possible to succeed in their educational endeavors, while improving your retention rate and protecting your tuition revenue.

It helps you intervene at the right time and in the right way to prevent at-risk students from leaving your school—regardless of whether it’s because of academic, social, or emotional challenges.

Jenzabar Retention uses custom-built and patent-pending predictive modeling techniques to help you identify students who need intervention while there’s still time to turn them around.

It makes it easy to see when students need help. When an attrition risk factor appears on a student’s profile, automated workflow processes alert the relevant administrators that intervention is required. It’s the retention tool you can use to help your students succeed—and help safeguard your tuition revenue.

It's the predictive-modeling powerhouse and alert system that helps you:

  • Monitor comprehensive performance and attendance data for all students
  • Identify early warning signs of student attrition
  • Access student data online for easy interdepartmental information sharing
  • Prioritize your limited time on those students and activities that will reap the biggest rewards
  • Reduce your workload by eliminating manual processes and be more efficient on daily tasks
  • Eliminate information silos
  • Correlate data for an at-a-glance view of risk factors
  • Provide deeper insights to guide intervention strategies
  • Focus resources where they will do the most good
  • Support different retention models for different populations of students
  • Focus your workflow to facilitate and track student retention program activities

Choose Jenzabar Retention to:

  • Spend less time identifying at-risk students
  • Intervene earlier to improve student success
  • Improve student retention rates
  • Implement the right intervention strategies at the right time
  • Satisfy parent and student expectations for educational support

Contact us for a consultation to learn more about our student retention management system and how it can help improve student success on your campus.