A Recruitment CRM tailored to your needs

Competition for the best students is tough, and prospective students are being hit hard by mail, email, Internet campaigns, and social media from your peer institutions.

Jenzabar Recruitment is the industry’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform that helps you spend less time on administrative tasks and more time engaging with your prospective students and their families.

It’s an online student recruitment CRM that gives you anytime, anywhere access to the tools you need in order to optimize and streamline your recruitment campaigns.

It’s designed to help you get more done in less time, from managing lists and producing and sending personal communications to monitoring progress, capturing and updating information, and creating and managing events. It’s the must-have enrollment management tool that keeps you focused on students—and on track to meet and exceed your goals.

And it’s flexible. Use it as a stand-alone solution or with one of our higher education ERPs for the competitive advantage you need to thrive.

It's the recruitment CRM that helps you:

  • Create custom workflows, reports, dashboards, forms, and fields
  • Track the impact of your marketing campaigns
  • Review event attendance
  • Measure campus visit stats
  • Monitor the application process, all from one integrated solution

What does it include?

  • Social media tracking: Track posts with students’ information from social sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube
  • Unlimited email broadcasts: From the team that invented email recruiting
  • Event management: Manage and track invitations, registrations, and student schedules
  • Online chat hosting: Connect online in real time
  • Document generation and reporting: Create letters, invitations, postcards, announcements, and more
  • Integrated online forms: Online forms that feed right into JRM—no more manual entry
  • Real-time reporting and dashboards: DIY records give you the data you need to make informed decisions
  • Mobile access: Your data and where you are (and on the device you choose)
  • Integrated online application: Student application data flows right into your system
  • Preconfigured data imports: Import data easily from SAT®, ACT®, GRE®, Common App, etc.
  • Training and support: Ongoing support and training opportunities so you can build and enhance your CRM skill set
  • Travel management: Track and manage recruitment travel schedules and activities
  • Chatter: Keep your team connected with a built-in, internal social network
  • Telemarketing: Automatically assign phone calls and store notes in the student record
  • Live chat agent: Students and parents can request a chat with your staff on-demand—right from your website

Choose Jenzabar Recruitment to:

  • Manage the entire recruitment process with one unified tool
  • Access your system anytime, anywhere—via a computer, tablet, or iPhone
  • Access real-time reports and dashboards to get real-time evaluation
  • Make visiting your campus easier and track visit registrations
  • Increase efficiencies by avoiding data imports and exports, which can be done on a scheduled basis

Contact us to learn more about our enrollment management solution and leverage the power of our experience serving over 1,000 higher education campuses worldwide.