Our mission is rooted in higher education.

Education is powerful. It’s the key to opportunity, knowledge, self-discovery, and a deeper understanding of the world in which we live. An educated society is an effective society, with informed citizens and expanded opportunities. At Jenzabar, our mission is to support education by enabling institutions of higher education to thrive, grow, and achieve student success.

We are dedicated exclusively to higher education, and we exist to support our clients’ goals, visions, and strategies. Across the academy—in every administrative office, in every academic department—our software and services enable our clients to deliver on the promise of higher education. Most importantly, we help our clients align their technology solutions with their unique mission and goals--to generate the maximum return on technology investments.

Jenzabar is committed to continually developing new ways to help our customers enhance constituent satisfaction, achieve operational excellence, and maximize institutional success. By working in close partnership with our clients, we fulfill our mission to help support education and the opportunities it affords.