We’re the smart choice for higher education.

Translated from our founder’s native Mandarin Chinese, Jenzabar means, “class of the best and the brightest.” We work to embody this standard of excellence in everything we do.

We’re capable.

We’re a leading provider of the software, strategies, and services that are vital to the efficient administration of higher education institutions such as yours. For more than four decades, our solutions have given colleges and universities the power to meet all their academic and administrative needs.

We’re professional.

We’re staffed by some of the smartest minds in the business. At every level of the company and across each department—from product development to support to consulting to services to our leadership team—our people are committed to maximizing your success.

We’re reliable.

As a privately held company with solid financial footing and a strong balance sheet, we’re focused on nurturing long-term client relationships and reinvesting in innovative technologies. While publicly held competitors chase quarterly earnings and change ownership frequently, we’re a stable provider and partner you can count on to stay committed to your best interests.